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The Colonel

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Now THAT'S control

Colonel Russell Williams, he of alleged recent serial murder fame, is still 'gasping for control,' states Sunday's Toronto Star. Apparently Old Russell's tightly disciplined conscience is beginning to hurt in places he didn't know he had.

The Kingston Whig Standard, a newspaper published not all that far from Trenton, where the Colonel was once his own Big Wig Standard, reports that Williams, along with his suicide attempt over the Easter weekend, left a message saying "his feelings were too much to bear" scrawled on the cell wall with mustard.

While it is a tragic self implosive fall from grace for the Colonel, I am left wondering...

*Just how does a person do that???......scrawl suicidal notes on a wall with mustard packs, with nobody reading it, in a place where he is under tight custodian watch?

*How many hot dogs did this guy eat?

*Exactly how many mustard packs would that take?

*And how does one, especially in such a convoluted mind frame, write legibly with a mound of mustard dripping packages?

It's hard enough writing on a cake with the proper icing and the right writing bag.

The Star goes on to quote Stephen Raffle, a California forensic psychiatrist as saying, "I think the major thing is loss of control and trying to remain in control of an out-of-control situation."

If the alleged accusations become a conviction, Colonel Russell Williams lost control well before he saw the inside of a prison.

Will you have fries with that ketchup, sir?


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