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Sixty Sails

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Nearly every city in this great province of ours, (not to mention country!), celebrates Summer with their own version of a local Arts Fair.  Colourful, uniquely creative, and often eclectic, these festivals give amateurs, emerging artists, and well versed artistes, the opportunity to showcase their talents.  Toronto’s list of artistic Summer celebrations keeps Google Search busy all on its own.

But if you want to get out of town and you’re a sailor, boater, water lover, or just plain enjoy distinctive, decorative art, head north to the streets of Orillia for their ‘Sixty Sails’ outdoor art expo.

oneThe distinctive hulls that house each sail were made from “a wood and refractory cement mold…with actual scrolls right from the forge” then painstakingly hammered and handcrafted over several long Orillia winter months.

The exhibition’s collection of ‘stunning 8 foot sailboat sculptures’ each tell a story that is meaningful and personal to the artist.  Artist Patti Agapi’s sail reflects a childhood memory; Emma Bozek’s sail was inspired by her trip to Kenya;  Dale Duncan’s painted sail reflects the fun side of living in Orillia; Fire and Ice artist, Leigh Ingram’s sail, shows the constant battle between summer and winter; a benevolent blue and green Lakehorse is Anita Leeman’s whimsical design.

The Sixty Sails Art Celebration,, spans several city blocks and is a great way to tour and shop Orillia’s local merchants.

Plan on taking a drive up to Orillia the weekend of September 16th, and you can enjoy both the Sixty Sails Expo as well as the annual Beatles Celebration

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