I am writing my life

“I am writing my life to laugh at myself, and I am succeeding.”

Giacomo Casanova

(Yes! That Casanova….spy, writer, adventurer, and very famous erotic hero)

Started out with an agenda and timetable this morning that actually looked both reasonable and achievable.

Got up well before I had to swear at the alarm clock’s whoop whoop whoop, inserted my caffeine IV into my coffee port, (which is located just beneath my frayed nerves), and then jump started on my ‘to do’s.’

After making sure I had all the ingredients to bake the house favourite, pecan-laced butter tarts, (task number eleven slated for later in the day), I planted a stack of favourite books nearby, (for my assigned breaks, which are self-dispersed depending on whim, need, or mere-i-wanna ), then signed on to Gmail, ostensibly for business, but got side tracked checking my horoscope, as I absolutely need to make sure ‘the stars’ deem it to be a constructive day to work.

I mean, why waste the effort if destiny and fate are not in sync?

Then, after a ten minute online chat with a friend around rearing wild and woolly teenagers, (silently thanking God I was through that segment of my life), I threw in a laundry, powered up my laptop, and scurried to the bathroom with a speed hither-to-fore associated with my previous corporate full-time employment.

Geared up and primed to attack task number one, I plopped myself in front of the computer screen, ready to carve out, like a pumpkin, the draft for the first of several freelance assignments.

It was then I heard the Rice Krispies (decorated with amazing multicolored sprinkles) calling my name.

Figured I must as well take an early lunch to facilitate the creative juices.

The blank page will stay blank ‘til I come round again.