The Short Version of Winter

ALL HAIL to Winter’s onslaught, especially when it’s effects are being wonderoulsy insulated by a December exodus to Seven Mile Beach on the Grand Cayman Islands,

where my daughter Jacqueline and friends Phyllis and Rebecca all plan to pick up (half) marathon medals at the December 5th run/walk race for Joints in Motion. (arthritis).  Being neither a runner nor a walker, (imagine a fully sweating Zumba Salsa hip hop dancer,) I was originally worried about the long haul between the shotgun start and the penultimate finish ribbon.

But after reading through the lastest race organizers communication, I worry no more: Wheelchairs are now being allowed to wheel the race course.  Suddenly, I can envision my sweating palms fist-clenched around the cold squared off edges of a bronze ‘finish’ medal as I bust through the finish line and yip yip at the street sweepers, who by then, will be the only ones left on the track to cheer me home!  But hey, I’m in the spirit and as such, I’m bringing a green satin ribbon to hang my metal trophy on, wrapped round my neck as I go dancing in the steamy nightclubs on the balmy Carribean nights.

The Grand Caymans are my first escape from snow banks to sand banks, an escape usually slated de rigeur, after Santa and just before the sleet driven, snow plough riggings of ‘damn its cold’ January.

Look for Blog updates from my Grand Cayman Adventures:  Blogs on our Jogs; Blogs on the Cause; and Blogs on the Beach….not to mention, Blogs in the Bar; Green Turtle Adventures,  Fish tales and shopping sales!