Seven Hours to Seven Mile Beach

Race day is 7 hours and counting.

My duffel race bag is packed with only THE most important ‘make it to the finish line’ items. After all, I have to carry this crayon red bag all 21.6 kms of the half marathon:

THE most necessary and important key-to-the-finish line items to pack:

*My Canon Rebel camera and wide angle lens.  A true photojournalist does not merely capture the excitement of the shotgun start, or the pain, pride, and disbelief of the burst- through-the ribbon finale.  No, fine readers, an image maker will don a numbered race bib, strap on the velcrose race timer/tracker to her ankle, fall out of bed at 3 a.m, inject a funnel of  dark fine Colombian black coffee into her thick veins and head off to the designated marathon hotel, (The Mariott), for the 4:20 shuttle to the start of the race.

*Second only to my camera is a very fresh pack of Lifesaver Gummy Bears, in rich tasty flavours.  One can not run on adrenalin alone!

*A handful of 222′s, my pain reliever of choice

*A second hand full of Aleve because they have anti-inflammatory powers

*Money- just in case my marathon buddy and I need to stop for either a frosty drink or worst case scenario – call a cab

*Hat; sunscreen; insect repellant- although at 5 a.m, I am confident that even the biters will still be asleep

*Paper towels:  to wipe the race sweat off our brows

*A wing and a prayer- whose use I think is apparent

See you on the course!