Ode To Grand Cayman

Thinking it would be
Quite exquisitely nifty
To celebrate the milestone
Of my turning sixty
Jacqueline booked a
Half marathon

A villa
And a plane
Seven nights
Was the party
I’m one lucky dame

Two baths and three bedrooms
For Jay knew
The score
Reunited at the airport
Was The Infamous
Fearsome Four!

A Grand Cayman pipe dream
Was all it really seemed
Until reality was nixed
By the girls
and the Caesar mix!

Our first day
Which was a Thursday
We were catching some rays
When a gigantic frigate appeared
And docked right in our bay
With a scream that was a yell
Quite excited
As she spoke
Jacqueline hollered
Ever so loudly
It’s a fucking navy boat!

They were British
With quirky accents
And certainly liked their beer
At dinner that bawdy night
Hip Hip Hiccup
Was the resounding cheer
The next day on the beach
As we sat by a jagged log
Who should hobble right on past us
But a three legged dog  
He was really quite adorable
Brown and black                                                 
And bright and perky
and the best thing of all is
He so aptly answered to

It was early marathon Sunday
When we donned our bibs and shirts
Arriving at the start line
Terrified of where
we’d soon hurt
Everyone started
the long walk
with many on the run
Jeanne looked at me
Is this what you call

We drank many cups of water
And definitely we talked lots
Stopping only for some pee breaks
At several porta-pots

Jacqueline got big blisters
My god
they were so bad
she should have listened better
to her dear old worried dad

With the finish line in sight
Our eyes brimmed
Warm and salty tears
I was thinking Atavin
Jeanne was thinking
Free beers

Our final night decided
At a fine restaurant
We would dine
Toasting each other loudly
with bottles of red
Chilean wine
The night was filled with laughter
It was really okey dokey
Especially when Jeanne asked me
To stick my red snapper
In her
potato gnocchi

There is no doubt or question
How could I possibly ask for
Then to have right there beside me
The Fantastic Fearsome Four

Phylly       Willy
Jeanne    Beanne
and Lovely Little Lynne
Now a new generation started
with daughter Jacqueline