A Palm Takes A Stand

We packed all our suitcases
Shook-shook out the sand
Heads jammed with rad adventures
And the palm who took a stand

After 18 glorious days in our ‘please don’t tell other people about it’ paradise, it was ‘muy muy triste! hasta luego’ time (loosely translated- Sob, it’s time to say goodbye).
Reflecting on the gorgeous memories our little tribe had made, I felt very much like the palm tree who dug in his roots when all the rest of his ‘fronds’ went eroding down the coast.

Palm 500px
Ah… the many glorious treasures to say Adios to…

Flower 500px

Colourful exotic tropical flowers wafting their sumptuous fragrances as we hiked down our little hamlet’s rough and pitted paths

Beach 500px

Miles and miles of deserted beach that- if we turn right- leads to ‘the point,’ (4.3 Kms return walk), where the fishing boats beach their aluminum vessels and the locals go to buy still-dancing camarones (shrimps) with tails as big as lobsters for $20 bucks a see-through bag; or,- if we turn left- the ‘never ending’ Pacific shoreline, a full-body-sweat-n-stroll sometimes interrupted by (ok quite often interrupted by) a ‘respite’ cold one at the funk-ified beach bar, Sol Y Mar (I like to think of it as Bar Interrupted- the sequel to Girl Interrupted!).    

Not quite ready for reality (hello who is?) my daughter and I book an overnighter and spa date at the San Jose (Belen) 4-Star Marriott Hotel, a pueblo-style hotel smack dab in the middle of a 30-acre coffee plantation and a hilly golf course fringed by the sprawling Cerro de la Carpintera Hills.

MarriottDinner 500px

When I ask myself (over and over again!) what could possibly be better than a steamy, sun-filled, laughter-jacked, exercise-jammed, tico-living, fresh-fruits-and-fish feasting, wandering minstrels-at-the-bar-holiday- with cherished family and out-laws, I can only ever come up with the same repetitive answer-
When life’s a beach…make sandcastles!

MarriottCupolas 500px

Next week from the Décor Department….Everything’s coming up Spring