Oh Lord (What happened) I’m A Country Girl!

Well my new life on the ranch kinda took me aback
Ain’t much a city girl like me was ready to hack
Missed my X-Large coffee and assorted Tim pack
Oh Lord, What Happened, I’m a Country Girl!

Well this simple life is really kinda feeling O.K.
Working’ in my library and still getting paid
My days and my nights they do pleasantly unfurl
Oh Lord, What Happened, I’m A Country Girl

cowboy hat

It is exactly three years ago this week that we (Farmer Frank) and I moved from the big city to our ranch up north.  There was some worry and what-the-heck-is-she-doing comments from friends and neighbours, both in the city, as well as up in ‘dez dem parts.’

I guess one could say they were fair enough comments: I was born in the city; I was raised in the city; and eventually, (as one is wont to do), I raised Hell in the city. But after several rounds of negotiations, “I’ll still be travelling quite a bit;” (me), “I’ll be going to the city for the thee-a-ter,” (me), “concerts,” (me), “parties” (ME ME ME ME) …..(y’all get the drift), the decision was made: We built a house, we sold a house, we got a puppy and we settled in on the ranch… where the deer do actually roam!

Several of my city folk – and new farmer friends – have asked me over the past many weeks and months how I like country living.  “It’s good; It’s good,” I always say, but it hadn’t really sunk in just how ensconced I had become in country living until a series of recent events.

Over the winter, FF (Farmer Frank) applied for and received a grant to build a fence around our acreage so we could ‘get and graze’ some cattle. “That’s good, that’s good,” I said, whilst otherwise occupied. (Researching exotic trips.)

The fence-building-week came and there was great excitement across the land – well our land anyways. Two tractor trailers, an ATV and Five guys – none of them named Moe! (Thee-a-ter reference for you culture aficionados!).  On the third night, FF and I decided to take a tour of the lumberjack fence posts, shiny new fencing and the many in-land gates.

“It’s a thing of beauty!” I exclaimed in a voice usually reserved for sparkly new tops and blingy-bling shoes.  FF laughed as he watched the next words tumble out of my mouth. “It’ll be nice this summer to see the cows grazing in the fields n’est pas?”

Ahhh. what a difference a ‘hay’ makes!

cowsTHE Cows

I can no longer imagine drivin’ the Gardiner at 5
Just the thought of it makes me break out in purple hives
I’d rather have my farm dog and my fancy writin’ tools
Oh God, What Happened, I’m A Country Fool!

Yo Yo city folk spewing out your steam
Weekend driving the 400 just a bustin’ a spleen
Now peeps let me tell ya, it’ll make your hair curl
I really think it’s happened, I’m A Country Girl!

With (Major) Apologies to John Denver

Cowgirl Chandelier

Y’all come back now ya hear!