Boston: A wicked pissa getaway

Days of Future Past

I share this with you my peeps, because a visit to Massa-Chu-Setts

Have you seen the filmed-in-Boston movie, Black Mass, the true life story of Irish mob boss, Whitey Bulger, starring Johnny Depp? (They had me at Depp!).

The story, mob boss turned FBI informant, is fast-paced and, of course, violent, but what I loved most about it (besides Diablo Depp) is the Bostonian turn of phrases.

“This is gonna be wicked pissa” – English translation- It’s good!

“Bang a U-ie up heah” – English for -Make a U-turn

Absolutely wicked pissa signature lines!

And speaking of signatures, did you know, riveted readers, that the phrase, Put your John Hancock here was inspired by Boston’s own John Hancock, Patriot of the American Revolution?  Hancock, the first to sign the American Declaration of Independence, did so in huge bold stokes, making his signature the synonymous nameplate for signing documents.

I share this with you my peeps, because a visit to Massa-Chu-Setts (excellent spelling bee word, n’est pas?) will immerse you in all kinds of interesting, fun and historical facts- not to mention the excellent seafood and Fab-U-LOUS shopping!

When I think of Boston, I think of GIRLS GETAWAY! (Of course, there are MANY destinations that spark that thought, quelle surprise!)

The city is a partnership that honours its past, with a bevy of centuries-old historical landmarks abutting city skyscrapers.

Boston old and new 350px
Days of future past

On the several visits I’ve made to Boston (so far!) there are a few delicious spots that I (have to) go back to each time.
First up…the Boston Public Library….another quelle surprise!

Welcoming patrons 350px
Welcoming patrons at the Boston Library – Sculpture by Bela Pratt

Opened in 1848, this venerable institution of all things books, medieval manuscripts, early editions of William Shakespeare, and jaw dropping sculptures, houses over 23.5 million titles.  It would literally take me weeks of non-stop reading to breeze through that many tomes, Dah-ling!
The library, besides being a treasure trove of bibliophile (one who is BEYOND passionate about books) bonanzas, the architecture and statues that grace the library are a wondering sight to behold.

Lion around 350px
Lion around

My absolute favourite are the iconic veined marble lions, (dating back to 1891), which are inscribed with the names of such famous battles as Gettysburg.  It is a spiritual experience indeed to stand reverently at the base of the lions as the rays of the afternoon sun stream through the large paned windows onto the massive paws of these majestic animals.

Next week:  Night crawlin’ in the city.  It’s wicked pissa!