THINGS I HAVE FOUND (OUT) Whilst in COVID-19 Self-Isolation

THINGS I HAVE FOUND (OUT) Whilst in COVID-19 Self-Isolation:

Cece in jail cellIn this week’s tip department: I FOUND OUT that rattling your own cage isn’t nearly as much fun as rattling someone else’s.

Welcome back Peeps! I’ve missed you!

And I’m sure you’ve missed important things too…Like gallivanting with your girl gangs.. or slurping a few wobbly pops with your boys. (The two may or may not be tied together! But remember…What happens in…..)

I also miss going to ballet classes. My favourite part was going to the bar (re!). And Yes! It is for real…I was taking ballet ‘light’ classes until THIS happened. But geez, under the ‘not fair’ category, I looked up Grateful in the dictionary last night, and I found a picture of my ballet teacher grinning gleefully from ear to ear. Harrumph!

So…in the spirit of staying on my toes, I bring you more fascinating facts that I FOUND OUT about myself (and life in general) whilst in self-isolation this week.

  • I FOUND out that I am a HUGE RAPTORS Fan!

            Just Joking! I already knew THAT…Didn’t you?

DeMarre Carroll and CeceHaving lunch with (former) Toronto Raptors DeMarre Carroll

  • I FOUND out that those cute little orange fishy crackers, (they contain seven vitamins, A, B, C, D, E, F and most importantly – S – they need energy to SWIM against the current, n’est pas?) are really fun to organize into pretend schools of fishies: nose to tail, nose to tail, nose to tail. Makes for an adorable cheese and crackers platter. And then, with time time time on your side, (think Rolling Stones…mmmmm….Rolling Stones…excuse me for a few minutes whilst I shake my Tail Feathers)  OK I’m back…. As I was saying, with time (time, time) on your side, you can go round and round the platter eating each little fishie one by one, head by tail; tail by head.  (Quick aside: what do you think the principal of a fishy school is called? Find the answer marked with a* beneath the fantastic contest details at the end of this tome)

Fishies swimmingThat’s me in the middle- self-isolating whilst snacking on white chocolate Easter chips.

  • I (just) FOUND out that schools are closed until May. And whilst I have been out of school for a few dozen years, (OK, a few dozen decades), a wave of relief still washes over me. Cuz, let’s face it….there’d be no excuse for not having one’s homework done after 8 weeks of lock down. Unless of course, my homework accidently fell into the dog’s dish whilst she was eating.

Cece in libraryI love, love LOVE books! Just not text books!

  • I FOUND out that I am developing a proficiency for languages, thanks to Duolingo and its friendly Owl. (They had me at Owl!) As soon as we’re all out of self-isolation, I will be able to go into town and order wine –vino blanco and rojo- in Spanish, French, German and Italian. It might not work though if the server only speaks Anglais.    Now…donde esta el bano?
  • I FOUND out that I say ‘whilst’ a lot. What’s up with THAT!!!!!?????

And finally……In the Things You Need to Know department:

-I tripped over my broom as he was coming out of the closet yesterday. He said he wanted to make a clean sweep of things.

–Did you know that when Benjamin Franklin realized that he’d discovered electricity, he was shocked?

-Apparently, according to my self-isolation partner, FF (see March 25th blog) I ‘Wonder’ too much. Apparently, (apparently!)  I’m driving him crazy.

Well then……

Methinks he should be ‘wondering’ who’s cooking him dinner tonight? And, also wondering why his pillow and blankie are rolled up inside the dog house.

Just wondering!

And with that dear readers, I bid you a fond adieu for today and encourage you to stay positive, keep laughing and most importantly, enter the amazingly magnificent contest below.

What it’s in it for me (WIFM) you are probably asking yourself?

Who else are you gonna ask – you’re in self-isolation, right?


As John Tory, Toronto’s earnest mayor (He’s a Rabid Raptors fan, so he can be forgiven a lot!) said this past Monday: C’mon people! Why are you still out there wandering the streets!!!!

As an aside, You do know eh, that the Buck-A-Beer premier and the “I’m-all grow-ed-up-now-just-look- at-my-big-boy-beard” prime minister can see you through that little camera thingy on your computer, right?


But I digress.

For those who are new, and those coming back….here’s this week’s and last week’s contest deets:

For each blog referral and sign up initiated by you, your name will be entered into a draw for the Grand Prize: 

Drum roll….. And this week’s Grand Prize is????

A (half-a-box) of sanitized alcohol-infused hand (or other bodily parts) wipes. (And no! you cannot squeeze the alcohol out of the wipes to make a marguerita, people!)


They’re for sensitive skin types so have no fear- they can be used in conjunction with last week’s grand prize…. (New shipment of TP just arrived so you can enter both contests at once!)

Three, yes! Count them, three! Rolls of two-ply toilette paper – the squeezable Charmaine kind!

So…Until next time…..Be positive, be kind, be joyful and be grateful.

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Mammoth and sincere personal thanks to ALL of the front line workers who are making it possible for us to  eat, to fill our prescriptions, to get our meds, (ahem), and to be well during these unprecedented times.

*Now just before you go….I know you’ve been WONDERING about what the answer is to: What do you call the principal of a School of Fish?

 Why The Big Kahuna of course!

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