Self-isolation Week 4

Hello Dear Readers!

I see we’re all still here wishing we were over there, but never you mind, we are all well and we are all stuffed to the tens, (which is a percentage more than the ‘stuffed to the nines’ we should be, n’est pas), we are all well hydrated (is that sloshing I am hearing when you walk?) and we are all having fun in our own little creative ways.

Ceces Raptors owlWhoot! Whoot! I was just wondering what I would look like ‘reincarnated.’

Now where were we?

Right!  We were talking about having some fun.

Okee dokey then, let’s put on our pointy gratitude hats and get ‘er going.

Have you noticed that virtually everyone you’ve talked to over these past four years, oops I mean past-four-weeks-that-seems-like-four-years, are raving about how happy they are to finally have the time to read all those books they’ve been wanting to read for ‘ages Dah-ling.’

“What do you mean you’re glad that you finally have the time to read?” I ask, with quizzical bewilderment in my voice.

You mean you don’t usually read? Like you don’t scour the newspaper every weekend looking for dynamic book debuts? Or bodacious biographies? Or ‘books on books’ dah-ling? Or, even more delicious-‘enchanted rooms inspired by literature.’

Novel Interiors rotate

Holy astonished!

Peeps that know me well, (which is to say ‘my book family’ who man/woman the order desk at Chapters, not to mention the captcha robot at Amazon), know for sure that I unequivocally love my books! You think?

Books on books bedspreadBooks-on-books bedspread….gives a whole new meaning to delving beneath the covers!


Not a big reader? Just try it! There’s all kinds of wonder-filled things you can discover!

Now, for this week’s edition of:

What have I Found Out about myself, (and other non-earth shattering news), whilst in COIVD Self-Isolation:

I unequivocally FOUND OUT that diamonds are a girls’ best friend….

PARTICULARLY when they are embedded in an official Raptors Championship pendant!

Raptors Pendant Major Hoops to FF – He totally ‘got game’ with this present!Cece with championship ringDid I MENTION I’m a Rabid Raptors Fan?

And in the Breaking News ‘I Wonder’ Category:

FF and I were watching, like all of you peeps, yet another movie on yet another night last week, or it could have been this week? Who remembers? Well it was actually late afternoon come to think of it, but we started binging early as I was HANKERING for my mid-afternoon snack that follows the snack after the second lunch break snack.

I do remember though making my yummy gummy stick-together-popcorn snack,

Guaranteed to get you through all kinds of problematic pandemics and ludicrous locusts plagues

OK then, back to our Wild West movie, where one of the crusty-beer-swiggin-beard-chompin-gun-toting-characters proclaimed as he was being threatened by the other crusty-beer-swiggin-beard-chompin-gun-toting character “Well damn it all to hell (and back!), if you’re thinkin I’m leaving this town easy you got another thing coming. You’re gonna have to carry me outta here feet first. I ain’t going easy.”

This of course, like any great Wonder-er, got me thinking, (always a dangerous thing!)

When I get carried out feet first- and believe me, that’s totally the plan, (that or ‘booking it’ on the way home from a glorious month-long-down-south-sizzling–winter-vacation.)

But I digress.

Where were we? Oh yes…

When I get carried out ‘feet first,’ what kind of footwear will I be wearing?

Books high topsYou can run but you can’t hide!


But then I got to thinking some more and I realized that probably where I was going other footwear would be more appropriate.

black feather pradaBecause after all, The Devil Wears Prada, n’est pas?

And finally, in the “I’m doing my best to shop safe but geez,” category:

I had to run into Shoppers earlier this week, masked and gloved to the hilt, to pick up meds for FF who had seriously hurt his back….(which may or not be related to #booksonbooksbetweenthecovers)

As I turned left out of the Planned Parenthood aisle, (I definitely made a wrong right going down that aisle!) I almost collided with another shopper-which is to say, we came within six feet of social distancing, (which brings me to the question- how can anything six feet apart be considered ‘social’ unless of course you want that six feet to be separating you from Uncle Norm, whose last tooth left shortly after the tooth fairy, and who has the type of garlic breath that would scare multitudinous covens of vampires). Anyhoo….as I came around the corner, this fellow woman shopper let out a shriek that registered somewhere between ‘Chucky -Child’s Play 3’, and Moi at a Rolling Stones concert, up close and personal.

“You scared me!” she said, in a poopy-not-too-gracious tone.

I looked at her and tried to bat my eyes, which unfortunately got stuck in the inner lining of my mask, which was pulled up wayyyy tooo high over my face, (no COVID for my forehead!) and I said,

“Lady, if you think this is scary… should see me WITHOUT my mask.”

And so my dear peeps, as I bid you adieu in yet another week of lockdown, (Where the heck is a locksmith when you need one!) I thought I would send you a list of what, in my opinion, will be the next #hot careers once THIS is all over:

 ….Just in case you were wondering!

1) Immunologist

2) Hairdresser

3) Obstetrician (Pause here for just a wee moment and imagine some names for babies conceived during this pandemic-   send your suggestions to me here ….and I will include them in next week’s blog!)

4) Dentist (to repair the ‘chompin’ at the bit’ jaws and teeth)

5) Sports addiction counsellor

6) Dermatologist

7) Weight management consultant

9) Marriage counsellor

10) Divorce lawyer

11) Jeweler (Refer back to #9)

12) Oshkosh franchisee (refer back to #3)

Ceces Raptors owlJames Taylor’s song, “I’m a night owl, baby,” is SO my favourite owl song!


See you all next week with both a new Fun! recipe- hint it has sprinkles on it! And, back by popular demand,

(wow you peeps are high maintenance- I love it!) our popular quizzical quiz!

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