COVID Self-Isolation Week 5 Are we THERE yet???

Hello and G’day my fine feathered readers!

You HAVE started to grow feathers right?

owl resizedFive weeks ago I was a bald eagle!

Are we ready for some fun today?


Are we ready for some F. U. N.?


Back by popular demand and as a fun way to get us started, I thought, seeing as how we are all seeing so many movies, (one feels like they’ve purchased the full TIFF menu of movies, no?) that we should play ‘what’s that movie’ quiz.

So, get yer-self- a pen; or get yer-self a pencil; or heck, just stick those talon-like-nails-which-haven’t-seen-a-nail-salon-in-six-weeks into your ruby-red tube of lipstick….guys…you can use that little can of water-based-paint-that-you’ve-been-planning-to-use for touch ups for months now and write your answers down. For those peeps missing their local betting establishment, try raising the stakes by betting on the number of correct answers with those rolls of toilet paper that you’ve secretly hidden from your self-isolation partner. (You didn’t think anyone knew about that, but you forgot about Google Home and Alexa didn’t you?  Didn’t YOU!) And if it’s just you and your dog playing along, don’t you worry, I’ve thrown in a quote from an animal movie, so she/he can play along…who’s a smart puppy! WHO. IS. A.  SMART. PUPPY!

dog with glassesDog? God? Life is really just a game of scrabble, n’est pas?


Okee Dokee then….you popcorn-ready? I can hear those movie credits rolling! (Remember, no peeking at the answers….I have Alexa on speed dial!).

  • “Of all of the gin joints, in all of the towns, in all of the world, she walks into mine.”
  • “Don’t get your panties in such a twist…and give me back mine.”
  • “A gentleman allows a lady to have her fictions.”
  • “Don’t go in there!”
  • “Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”
  • “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”
  • “Do, or do not. There is no try.”
  • “I feel the need, the need for speed.”
  • “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
  • “I’m a mog. Half man, half dog. I’m my own best friend.”


And whilst we are on the curve of self-edifying ourselves, (see an upwards curve CAN be a good thing!), I am sharing some of my personal and evolving love for all things words, including wordy sayings, turns of phrases, and delicious quotes. In fact, I have a special book (of course I do…it’s yet another reason to buy a leather-bound, oooo-la-la nice smelling book, with gold elephants embossed on the cover, and silky vellum pages that lure your hands in a sliding motion all the way down the page.)

Trust me, you non-lover-of-words, it might sound whoo hoo over-the-top obsessed but if you’re a bibliophile, I know you completely understand!

And if not, just take my hand, (Oh wait! Make sure that hand is attached to a six foot arm extension and gloved up and rubbed mightily with antiseptic for the full 20 seconds), as we skip along, plucking bouquets of deliciously descriptive and imaginative phrases, metaphoric quips really, that describe our collective COVID journey.

  • “We are like the heads of dandelions gone to seed.”
  • “Her hair stuck out as if she’d gone to a salon in a Dr. Seuss book.”
  • “His face looked like it could use a good iron.”
  • “Her finger nails were as long as celery stalks.”
  • “Her hips belonged on a soviet propaganda poster.”
  • “His features were bunched toward the centre of his face like a knot on a balloon.”
  • “He was counting on her to grease the wheels, but she wasn’t much of a social mechanic.”
  • “His skinny legs were like straws in their paper wrappers.”

Now I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, (who am I kidding!), but in preparation for my Escape from the Base, when I fling open the doors and smash through that pesky ‘Hello-I-am-so-yelling-ly-yellow-stay-the-heck-out-tape,’ that in fact could be cut through with some really old, really blunt finger nail scissors. (Go ahead…try it at home- all the rules are now out the window!) I bring you this metamorphic image:

“We flung open the door with a flourish that said, the hills are alive with the sound of music, (not to mention traffic.….who thought we’d miss that! And birds, and kids laughing and BBQ’s being fired up and people talking way too loud with the excitement of freedom.”

Give me a H. A. L. L. U. E A. H.!


Now speaking of yummy things to eat…aren’t we ALWAYS speaking about the next yummy thing to eat?

Meet this week’s ‘lift up our spirits’ Happy Face Cake!

happy face cake resizedMy eyes are caramel M & M’s; I have sprinkles for hair, and I’m chock-a-block-full of nuts. Why wouldn’t I be happy!

Is it any wonder that this morning my scale took it upon itself to make some very weighty comments to me?

(Let’s see just how smart that scale is now that I’ve thrown its triple AAA batteries out the bathroom window!)

And finally, in the ‘make the most of those little moments’ category:

FF and I were rummaging through one of our ‘jungle’ cupboards, looking for a light bulb… (There’s a joke in there somewhere!) and I came upon a cute little bag that certainly didn’t belong there.

Hmm I thought to myself. “It’s a little too small to be one of my hidden-oh-this-old-thing-I-got-on-sale-cute-little-tops.” (right girls!).  Right?

Anyhooo I had a little peek inside and with a great flash of joy and reams of sunlight pouring through my soul, I pulled out some hidden treasures that I brought back from my annual winter trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rican gummy pizzaGummy Bear Costa Rican Pizza…Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh Boy!

 Truly a heavenly day in Gummy Bear Ceci-Land.

Movie Quiz answers:

  • Casablanca 2. Fifty Shades of Grey 3. Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides. 4. Ace Venture 5. (Attributed to Mae West) in She Done Him Wrong. 6. Dirty Dancing (mmm Patrick Swayze) 7. Yoda, Star Wars. 8. Top Gun 9.Gone With The Wind. 10. Spaceballs with John Candy.

As I bid you adieu, my virtual and faithful COVID Self-Isolation family, I leave you with a line that I laughed my mask off whilst watching movie #103 in COVID Self-Isolation:

Movie Setting:

A down-in-the-heels-diner:


Customer to waiter:

“How big are your pork strips?”

Waiter:  “Well have you ever seen a chicken strip?”

Customer to waiter: “Hell No, I haven’t even seen a chicken dress.”

And with that……..I leave you with a wing and a prayer

Ceces Raptors owl