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Book Reviews: No. 3 DOWNFALL

Robert Rotenberg is a new author to my reading repertoire- and what a solid addition he is!


By Robert Rotenberg

Written by Cece M. Scott

Robert Rotenberg is a new author to my reading repertoire- and what a solid addition he is!

From the get-go I was invested in the DOWNFALL characters – Detective Ari Green, the triangle friendship of the three women who had known each other since grade school, and the pace of the narrative and plot kept me turning the pages long into the time I was supposed to be working on my own novel. After researching some of Rotenberg’s earlier novels, beginning with Old City Hall, I now realize I can begin my relationship with some of the characters, like Ari, from the start- which I am already doing by buying or borrowing, (from the library) the novels – in chronological order.

Rotenberg’s six novels are set in Toronto, which also resonates, even if you aren’t a Torontonian. The scenes and the meetings in cozy or down-at-the-heels cafes are such that as a reader I felt like an insider, enjoying a cappuccino at one of the adjoining tables.

I thought I had figured out who the perpetrator of the murders was on three different occasions; wrong. In fact, ‘who done it’ was a complete surprise.

As I start Old City Hall, I’m going to make a list of characters and scenarios to see if I can outwit the author at his oh so excellent game. #Downfall #SimonandSchusterCanada #cecescott

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