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BOOK REVIEWS – NO. 6: The Cave Dwellers, by Christina McDowell

“The tension between them (was) like sticky residue inside of an unfinished breakup.” -Cave Dwellers

BOOK REVIEWS – NO. 6: The Cave Dwellers, by Christina McDowell

Written by Cece Scott

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Book Reviews:  No. 6:  The Cave Dwellers, by Christina McDowell

“The tension between them (was) like sticky residue inside of an unfinished breakup.” -Cave Dwellers

I wish the ‘Author’s Note’ had been at the beginning of Cave Dwellers, so that I could have had a peek inside author Christina McDowell’s life before actually reading the book.  McDowell’s personal background adds a layer of intriguing context to the backdrop of Cave Dwellers and provides such an extra and definitive layer to the story that the novel became that much more poignant once I understood that she had walked the path of the varied characters in the novel.

When McDowell was in college, her father, an associate of Jordan Belfort, (otherwise known as the infamous ‘Wolf of Wall Street’), was arrested for securities fraud, convicted and sentenced to five years in federal prison. In fact, McDowell’s father had stolen her social security number and left her in $100,000 worth of debt.

Let me repeat that…her father stole her social security number and left his own daughter in mammoth debt.

Armed with this knowledge and (albeit) unwanted experience, McDowell brings a lot to the table in the writing of Cave Dwellers. (The author details these experiences in her memoir, After Perfect).

Set in Washington, D. C., Cave Dwellers is centred on the machinations of the reality, (and unreality), that exists in the Capitol: old money families thirsting for not only more power but also enhanced positioning at the top of the social ladder;  powerful senators having affairs with young and aspiring assistants, (think Bill Clinton and the Oval Office); white supremacists meeting in secret and enjoying the pleasures of the flesh behind the nonchalant doors of the Alibi Club; and the materialistic and envious posturing and shenanigans of the pseudo/nouveau rich who are nowhere near as rich as they want to be.  Throw in their entitled but troubled kids and you end up with one hell of a read.

Oh… and did I mention the neighbours who were murdered and everyone is scrambling to cover their tracks?

I can hardly wait to pick up Christina McDowell’s memoir to make the experience of reading the Cave Dwellers full-circle complete.

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