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A Best Domestic Thriller for 2023



I received an ARC from on Friday afternoon and before dinner Saturday I had A Death At The Party by @amystuartwriter devoured.

And I do mean devoured.

In fact, even though it is still only January, I predict that A Death At The Party will be one of the Top Five domestic thrillers in 2023. (Pub date March 7)

Nadine Walsh, one of the main protagonists in the delicious cascade of intriguing characters, is snap-wired tight as she ramps up for her summer garden party in the backyard of her illustrious home.

At first Nadine seemed to be just an over-the-top helicopter mom who wants things to be all good with her family and friends -normal kind of behaviour, if a tad over the top, but as rippled as the surface of her waters appear, it’s full out 10 foot waves as the story progresses.

Smashing through the chapters my mind was whirling, determined to figure out who was doing what to whom, both in the past and present, but I never guessed – well I won’t tell you what I never guessed- because the story arc is so stunningly clever that I would hate to spoil the rollercoaster ride.

I gotta tell you though, I was damn impressed with the machinations of several of Amy’s characters, and literally held off both lunch and dinner to relish those last couple of chapters!

@amystuartwriter attention to the details of minutiae imagery is also gorgeous.

To wit: “My elbow lifts to rest on the stacks of books.”

And who could stop from turning the page after reading a sentence like: “And so here’s my confession.”

My best advice? Preorder A Death At The Party and set aside time March 7 to get into one hell of a read.

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