I’ve got my toes in the water … my ass in the sand

I got my toes in the water
My ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world
A cold drink in my hand
Life is good today.  Life is good today.
-Zack Brown

It is a super duper steamy sizzler of a day in Zancudo, Costa Rica.  In fact every day in Zancudo at this time of the year is a sizzler. There’s not been a day yet that any of us has had to look out the ocean-front door and wonder, ‘What’s the weather going to be like today?’ Every day is guaranteed to be all-out hot-ness.  Steamy holy doodle hotness.  Matthew McConaghy, Brad Pitt hotness.
How hot is it you ask? (You are asking aren’t you icy little snowmen shivering in the arctic winds?)
It is so hot that yesterday when my niece said she was grateful for the breeze I said, ‘What breeze?’ Other than the fact that I might have picked one strand of hair from the corner of my lotion-lathered lips, the waft of air was so Tim Horton’s tea-tepid that I didn’t feel a thing.

cougar in the sand 500px
Cougar on the beach

And ahhhh….what a magnificent wonder of Mother Nature the Pacific Ocean is.  And hot!  Not just warm… hot!
How hot is it, class??? Well for a girl like me who thinks an 80 degree heated pool is shivery, I have no qualms whatsoever about racing into the water after a two-hour beach walk, there to float and chat and ride the waves for hours on end.

How I love the Pacific Ocean. Wowzeee!  The thunder of the surf as it rolls into shore is bumping….bumping like a ‘Hello It’s Me’ Adele song rolling out at full blast.  Definitely, Magnificence, Defined.  
That is of course, until, with my back to the water, I fail to clue in to the fact that one of those mother-loving splendor-ous waves is on the roll….
The roll to pick me up and throw me ass-over-tea-kettle onto the beach.  
 It’s hands on the pebbles
Cuz I flew through the air
My face is real twisted
And my ass is so bare.  
Life is klutzy today.  Kinda like every day.

I’m getting the feeling that my tube of Polysporin Grande is going to be squeezed to empty by the time this holiday is over.
Stay tuned next week for Tales from the Hibiscus Moon.

toesInWater 2 500px