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Book Reviews No. 8: Every Vow You Break, by Peter Swanson

Oh my! Where is that twice removed rabble-rouser cousin when you need him?

 BOOK REVIEWS – NO. 8: Every Vow You Break, by Peter Swanson


Oh my! Where is that twice removed rabble-rouser cousin when you need him?

Abigail Baskin, the bride in Every Vow You Break certainly could have used ‘said’ cousin to leap up and say his peace when the officiant at her wedding asked that age-old saw of a question:

“If any of you here has a reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

On the surface ‘it’ all looked good. Abigail, a lovely girl if a tad naïve, had become engaged to dashing millionaire, Bruce Lamb. The flush fiancée was more than willing to foot the bill for both the lavish wedding and the couple’s sumptuous ‘secret’ honeymoon, a destination that was to be a surprise for his new bride.

I mean who wouldn’t say I DO! 

But like any good story worth its rice and confetti, ‘something’ happened on the way to the altar. Namely the drunken one-night stand that Abigail engaged in the weekend of her bachelorette party. Even though she was well into her cups by the end of the evening, Abigail was the only one left standing, except of course for the handsome stranger, sexy Scotty.  Things progressed as they are wont to do, and by the next day, Abigail was on her way back home to Bruce, her guilt and shame packed tightly into her carry on bag.

Once the wedding is over, the newly-married couple head off on their honeymoon, a destination that is mired in mystery, murder and intrigue.

While the first shock to Abigail was the lodge that Bruce had booked -no phones, television, or computers – in fact no electricity except at the main lodge – these are minor details compared to all the things that happened next.

First up, sexy Scottie just ‘happens’ to land at the same remote lodge as the newlyweds. That had to be accidental right, a weird twist of fate?

But then again, remember what your mother always told you… ‘there are no coincidences in life.’ Things only get worse from there.

Believe me.

The psychological games and veiled innuendos, Scotty’s stalking of Abigail throughout the resort and his insistence that their night together was the start of a beautiful relationship, the unexplainable lack of other women in the rooms, just don’t add up.

Push comes to shove and very strange things start to happen. Run for your life kind of strange things.

Throughout the next many days Abigail dredges up every ounce of personal ingenuity to try and figure out just exactly what is happening and who her new husband really is.

“Her instinct was to run, but part of her knew that if she allowed herself to panic, she’d never stop.”

It is a marriage made in hell.

Now, how does Abigial get out of it?

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