Singing and Winging our way into Spring!

Elephants and peacocks and owls, oh my!

One day not too long ago, I was all cozy-ed up in my favourite of all favourites spiritual retreat- my candle-scented, books-happy, elephant trumpeting, peacock pumping, owl-hooting, Library.

And I was actually working for a change (… as opposed to fantasizing through my travel books, or inhaling the ever-so-precious smell of paper and ink from my rows and rows (and rows!) of iconic books)- pitching a ‘themed’ article idea to a home and décor editor.

“A piece on owls?” she asked, in a tone of voice that indicated she didn’t give a hoot about one of my favourite bird species. “Owls are so passé!”


Obviously ‘said’ editor did not understand the ‘Horned Owl’s’ nest she was flying herself into by telling me owls were Passé!

red owl 500px
I mean… Seriously? ….is there any one thing more gorgeous than a snowy white owl perched on a naked tree limb, a silhouette against the navy sky of a winter’s day?  (Ok maybe Matthew McConaughey before he lost all that weight, or Johnny Depp before he copped that weird dude hair cut…but I digress)

owl cushion 350px

The sheer majesty of these birds of prey and their solitary elusiveness only serves to enhance their élan. Owls- from the Latin ‘Strigiformes’- have been celebrated throughout the ages in a variety of ways, not the least of which is their haunting and desultory call throughout the very darkest hours of night. (A desultoriness akin to the sound of Last Call at your fav bar!)


In Greek mythology, Athene, an ancient Greek deity, who was known as the goddess of night, (I like her already!) was symbolized in owl form.

When we speak of someone with wisdom, we say… ‘SHE is as wise as an owl.’ (It is after all, International Women’s Day/Month!).

Of course, the trusty owl has also done some transmuting in scary movie roles, some that have literally scared the bejusus popcorn right out of my big old yellow Blockbuster bowl.  These include any and all movies that starred Karen Black and owls in it at the same time; The Fourth Kind (2009), The Owl (2014). There are also those wannabe owls as portrayed by the likes of Pierce Bronson in Grey Owl.

It is also important to note in this diversity-driven politically correct culture, the ‘official’ name for two or more owls- a parliament- has now been extended to cover owls from a variety of locales, cultures and backgrounds. We have the bazaar of owls, the stable of barn owls, the wisdom of owls, the hoot of owls, the jail of barred owls, and my favourite- the stare of owls.  How DID they come up with that name!

I am totally on side with sticking to a ‘parliament’ of owls, (There are those who believe I fall under the ‘bizarre of owls,’ but I’m pretty much sure I don’t qualify for the ‘wisdom of owls- although if there was a boutique of owls- I would def make it!) in that I love the nightlife and enjoy nothing better than a little ‘Linda Blair’ 360 degree head rotation when things aren’t going my way.

If you look around in kitschy import stores (or my library ‘collection of owls’) you will be happy to know that owls are the opposite of passé- chic and stylish, their image portrayed on a variety of fun and fashionable items.


So be a wise owl and pop by next week when saucy table mats and happy tulips sprout forth with the latest spring table fashions!

Owl see you soon!

owl vase 500px